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Proper Placement Guide(?) Empty Proper Placement Guide(?)

Post by Asylum on Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:47 am


Proper Placement Guide(?) 2qdbeop

Keef's ( )
Proper Placement Guide(?) 5v4x2h

Keef has two maps up, one is IMVU's and one is remapped to match other heads better, but there are some things I recommend :3

When working on a skin template, USE BOTH

Keef's is great for detailing and working on, but the eyeholes seem to be off a bit for the actual heads (trying to make a small bit of eyeliner never worked for me on his, but it did on IMVU's)

Pay attention to where Keef's eyeliner section is. There may be two colors for each eye, but you can only really use one color there unless you'd like a weird blending effect, and not covering them at all with black or whatever leaves a brownish seam between the eye and the eyelash

I've also seen people make beautiful lips with shine at the top of the lip ment to be right on the cupid's bow (I believe that's what it is called?) yet they can never seem to get it to line up quite right. On both templates, the very top of the lip seems to be slightly off than where they both say it is

IMVU's is ment for their default big head ^^; and Keef's is just slightly off, but is more precise than IMVU's, soooo

Proper Placement Guide(?) Azdr8i

This is ment for proper placement of lip shine :3

Hopefully none of this counts as a freebie and has to be taken down <_<; ment as a guiiddeee

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Proper Placement Guide(?) Empty Re: Proper Placement Guide(?)

Post by IsisAmanodel on Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:13 am

ohhhh I never thought of using both! Very Happy thanks!



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