looking for mesh help

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looking for mesh help Empty looking for mesh help

Post by kiddykitten on Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:33 pm

hi, ty for clicking and reading.

well i'm not a mesher tough i do have 3dsmax i only tried meshing once but i can't even start to understand the bones and al.

so i started working with a friend of imvu, but he is pretty old and he had to have eye surgery. so before his surgery he send me all the meshes we ever worked on in the past, cuz the account bwe put them on was deleted due to me temporarely quitting a few years back. but he hasn't been online or in contackt anymore afther his surgery. i'm kinde worried it went the wrong way and he turned blind ooh the drama:(

so my problem is that now im left with meshes wich are either made on sketch up or on 3dsmax, and i really want them up on my account as a memorie of me having silly ideas and him working those ideas out into meshes:) but since i'm really awful at thoise programs i need someone who can set them up ready for imvu.

i am willing to pay the amount asked by the one willing to do this ofcourse.

anyone willing to help me?Smile greetz kiddykitten



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looking for mesh help Empty Re: looking for mesh help

Post by Asylum on Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:45 pm

Contact LadyMorfine. She is selling a big tutorial on it

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